Carry on Camping – Naked (or at least clothing optional)

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Here in Europe, there are only three campsites that are clothing optional, catering exclusively to men and ALL of them reside in the wonderfully liberal Holland.

I had the privilege of staying at Holland Men Camp, close to Amsterdam.

I will be honest, at first, I was unsure if this was going to be a little bit dodgy or if it was going to be a genuinely calm and relaxing place for gay male nudists… Thankfully, it was the latter.

The campsite is only €16 a night (I brought along my dog Wonka at an additional €2 a night -totally worth it-), for €18 I had a perfect pitch, use of incredible facilities and stunning picturesque scenery.


The campsite is run by Wim and Peter a very happy Dutch couple, who are welcoming, kind and helpful.

Both speaking an array of languages they really like the element of community, they host group meals, drinks and sports throughout the day and into the evening.

I got to indulge in a delicious BBQ with about 20 others guests from all over the world, it was joyful, relaxing and fun.

With Amsterdam being only 20Km away it’s accessible via bike -if you have the stamina- and you can use bikes from the campsite.

Or you can catch public transport with ease and enjoy the wild times of the glorious city –read my article about Amsterdam here.

The campsite is surrounded by an abundance of natural beauty. There are more than 25 lakes that are extremely close and countless beaches where all what you need to wear to sunbath is your smile.

The Dutch have the most relaxed attitudes towards nudity and it is truly refreshing and empowering.

On site, there is a full kitchen for you to use and very nice, clean WC’s and showers, also a huge BBQ and TV! Wi-Fi is free throughout and Wim and Peter also provide plugs and cables for inside your tent. Everything you could possibly need.

I had a truly magical time at Holland Men Camp, I saw beauty, met new friends and slept magnificently.

So, get your kit off and get camping!

Opening back up for the 2017 season on April 26th, book your stay NOW.

Holland Men Camp more details here