Mad Dash Day….12 hours in Singapore!

This article was originally published on EIKONLINE.COM 

So you have a 10-12 hour layover in Singapore, you might think that’s rough going… But you are wrong. Very, VERY wrong. Because there truly is a world of adventure waiting…

I’m going to explain what fun can be had with this fantastic opportunity and why you probably should book that layover into your trip!

Firstly you can take in some of the beautifully manicured gardens that are dotted about the terminals, perhaps even take a wander through the butterfly habitat where you are treated to the most beautiful array of butterfly’s (terminal 3).

Then do a bit of shopping in some incredibly diverse and alluring stores and be sure to have a spot of gourmet lunch, the food at Peach Garden Noodle House (terminal 1) is truly spectacular Chinese food that is executed and presented in a magnificent way.

Most advisable though, is -if you’re able- to get on one of the free city tours.

There are two different kinds and both give a phenomenally immersive look at Singapore.

Get an in-depth and informative guide to this impressive city while you get driven to some of the hottest spots. Sip fresh juice while walking along Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade and then enjoy an ice cream while walking the sky high, majestic Singapore Gardens.

Upon returning to the airport (easy access back through via the group tour) the one thing you are definitely going to want to do is visit the Spa!

Not only can you have a swim in the pool, but also indulge in a vast array of treatments….

Not to mention have a delightfully hot, cleansing and -presumably- much needed shower!