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Today I got to speak with “T-BO” owner Allan Perrottet a 25-year-old, Swiss gentleman who is an undergraduate in Economics and owner of two successful men’s clothing business – T-BO being one of them. Allan is calm, put together, and sophisticated beyond his years. He has a savvy business mind and a clear idea of style and fashion for men.

RIK (R): Who started T-BO and why?

ALLAN (A): Two years ago, I started a tailoring business with a friend (Arnaud Maillard) and at the same time I was designing T-Bo’s boxers. Why we started “T-BO” is actually pretty simple… I like fashion but I hate to go shopping, especially for underwear. When my boxers are used or have holes in them I just throw them away, but I forget to go buy new ones and you can be sure that during the week I won’t have enough boxers. One day I decided to do some research to find a solution to my problem. I found some guys offering sock subscriptions and one also offered a boxer short subscription, however the design of the boxers were so awful I couldn’t even imagine my grandfather wearing them. You can imagine what happened next…

R: What makes T-BO special?

A: You can’t see the magic of T-BO, you feel it. Most of us are used to cotton or synthetic underwear; so, when we started designing our boxers we wanted to find a different fabric. After testing numerous ones we finally choose Bamboo (also called modal). We decided on three criteria of quality for our underwear: comfort, sustainability and durability.

But part of the magic is the subscription service we offer. We are living on this planet for a limited time and we are all so busy. When we have free time we should spend it with friends and family – not waste it. That’s why our underwear subscription is so amazing – it is a big time saver in your life.

R: Who designs the underwear?

A: There are so many different styles of underwear and it is very difficult to find the “style” that everyone loves. I personally designed the underwear after trying many, many different brands in order to find the perfect fit with the best comfort.

R: What is the future of T-BO? Will you be branching out beyond underwear and socks?

A: For now, we really want to stick to underwear and socks. We do plan on making new designs and limited editions and we are currently testing some brief designs. We also get a lot of demand to make sport jockstrap. If our customers really want us to diversify our product range, then we will do so. So don’t hesitate to write to us and tell us what you want! We will enjoy reading all your messages.

R: Where do you hope to see the brand in five years’ time?

A: Short term we want to increase our visibility in Switzerland. We are a Swiss company and 95% of our market is in the UK, France, Australia, and the USA. We are the underwear sponsor for “Mister France 2017” and we would like to expand to other countries which organize male beauty contests.

But to really answer your question, our 5-year goal is to have over 200k boxer’s subscriptions worldwide. We still have a long road till we “T-BO” gets there -but the adventure is worth it.

R: Do you ship worldwide?

A: We ship worldwide and shipping is free on all orders!

You can find out more, follow the company and buy your own “T-BO” items here:

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