Smarten up with the Help of the Very British Cravat Club!

This article was originally published in PRODIJEE MAGAZINE #17 

Men of the world unite and become elegant and sophisticated with the new and unique ‘Cravat Club’ where their cravats are made of 100% silk and British made.

The cravat has been an age-old tradition, especially in England. The Cravat Club -a UK based company is manufacturing silk cravats beautifully boxed and elegant they are bringing style and suave sophistication back to the modern day man. London has its variety of styles in how men dress, but ‘classy’ and classic is undoubtedly a winning look every time…. Cravat club have made this achievable and EASY. Simply don one of their cravats, put on a smile and walk out your door.

Cravats (also known as Ascots to our neighbors across the pond), originating in Croatia are typically worn around the neck and tucked inside the collar of a shirt but the great thing about cravats is there ease and freedom in its use and wearability, with a shirt during business hours or with a V-neck t-shirt for drinks with the lads. Experiment with other attire, such as a cravat tucked into a polo shirt or why not show more of the cravat design by wearing it on the outside of the shirt paired with a tailored suit or jacket? For those of you with a creative flair, try tying the cravat in whichever way you see fit and establish your own image.

It’s a NO fail look that adds a true gentry feel. As ‘Cravat club’ states “Adding a cravat to an outfit completes the look and emanates a sense of cultivated style and individualism”, “a refined look, radiating confidence and a captivating personality”.

At Cravat Club, they are proud to say that their silk cravats
are exclusively manufactured right here in England. They work with two silk mills; one specializing in printed silk, and the other in
jacquard woven silk for each of their ‘Printed’ and ‘Woven’ silk collections.
Their printed silk cravats are made from the finest raw-yarn silk, which undergoes
various processes, and are then treated with steaming and stenting
after being printed with eye-catching designs.

Their woven silk cravats are also made from high-grade raw-yarn silk.
It then goes through preparation, dyeing, and weaving stages to create
intricate, lustrous and colourful patterns.

The printed and woven silks are then carefully cut and sewn
into our finest quality cravats and look incredible.

Every stage of production is carefully monitored; ‘Great British Quality’
is a key component to the Cravat Club brand.

They really believe manufacturing in the UK is a strong indication of
quality, craftsmanship and heritage, and this is reflected
through the caliber of their silk products.

I have been wearing one of their cravats sporadically over the past week and have garnered compliments all over. From lunch with friends to auditions, this is an easy addition to any outfit to bring an air of style. I am SOLD, the Cravat is back and ‘Cravat Club’ is the way to go!

Cravat Club are expanding their range on a monthly basis so be sure to regularly check the website for updates and excitement with FREE worldwide delivery.