The Best of British

This article was originally published in PRODIJEE MAGAZINE #22 

There are some truly incredible UK MADE products out in the world today and here are a few of my favorites:

Be British – “BEE GOOD”

The lustrous Hampshire based independent Skincare Company “Bee Good” started in 2008, the husband and wife founders have developed it in to the passionate and “natural” company that it is today!

The Vanilla Honey Lip Balm is incredible, one application and your lips are hydrated and intensely soothed. It combines British bees wax, British borage oil and British echium oil. –It is a MUST!
RRP: £4.75

Their Honey & Crambe Daily Hand Cream is powerful stuff, packed full of “skin-quenching” ingredients like British wild flower honey, British Porpolis and camelina oil. It leaves your hands super soft, non-greasy and smelling positively suburb (almost edible).
RRP: £9.00

Using the Honey & Wild Flax Daily Moisturiser is as gentle and refreshing as washing my face in the morning. Absorbing in seconds it leaves my skin feeling –as the company puts it- “Bee-autiful”, soft and hydrated. It combines British Wild Flower Honey and British propolis (renowned for its antibacterial properties) along with British camelina Oil (skin protecting).
RRP: £19.50

Bee Good products blend ethically sourced bee-based ingredients with naturally active botanicals and plant oils resulting in some truly magnificent products.
-A must for everyone’s stocking this Christmas.

Buy online now at: WWW.BEEGOOD.CO.UK


We all remember as children that droll feeling of opening one more gift only to realize it was just –another- pair of socks… Well all I can say is that “times have changed” and now I would love to get socks, especially from one of these fantastic UK companies:

THE SOCK MINE based in Nottinghamshire The Sock Mine is expertly manufacturing –as they say on their website “pearls of energy that power us to excellence”- never have I regarded my socks as having quite so much power or influence in my life… until now. They are passionate about making “fabulously” British made products that have great colours, are cozy to wear and are absolutely FUN in style. My favorite are the “Roys Boys” striped, they set off a suit magnificently. They also manufacture the award winning “Cool Running” socks, a must for every runner out there. Visit The Sock Mine at WWW.THESOCKMINE.CO.UK and place your order now. RRP: £8.00-£20.00 per pair.

WACKYSOX possibly the most cozy and wild things I have ever worn. Made in Great Britain and the Official Licensee of the Rugby World Cup 2015 socks! They are truly thicker than anything else I have experienced, wearing them around the house makes slippers redundant and in cold weather I wouldn’t dream of donning ANYTHING other than a pair of WACKYSOX. Truly bright, wild and “WACKY” these unique socks would make a great gift for anyone; coming in a vast array of designs and colors you can even have a pair customized. Order yours now at WWW.WACKYSOX.COM
RRP: £4.99 – £10.99 per pair.

HJ Socks, sock makers since 1882. They offer classic, classy socks, from neutral colours to bold –SMACK IN THE FACE- colours. Varying in style you can purchase them made from rich cotton to thick luscious wool. Comfort, style and elegance go hand in hand with HJ Socks. Go buy yours now at WWW.HJ.CO.UK
RRP: £3.00 – £13.75


Finish off those feet with a treat from THE ORIGINAL LACES COMPANY. Now you can tell a great deal about a person from their shoes’. You can tell even more from how they care for and present them. That is why in February 2014 The Original Laces Company of Maldon, England started designing and manufacturing coloured shoelaces with metal, embossed and laser etched tips called aglets… to make your shoes and YOU look great. They have a vast array of incredible, striking colours to choose from so you can smarten up any shoe and make a bold statement with the help of these incredible, well made little laces. Buy your pair now or a full “box set” at WWW.THE-ORIGINAL-LACES-COMPANY.MYSHOPIFY.COM
RRP: £10.00 a pair and well worth it. They will have you looking smooth and sophisticated along with lasting a lifetime.


The Peter Scott Clothing Company manufactures everything 100% in Scotland and their range is all absolutely magnificent. From their Cashmere pullovers to the wool jackets, the clothing made by Peter Scott is of the highest quality and utterly beautiful.
The Marino wool jumper I’ve been sporting and receiving compliments on left, right and center is exquisite. Unbeatable in comfort and quality, its machine washable and keeps its shape and quality. They produce warm, delightful, MUST HAVES for this winter season, not to mention items for throughout the year. For a luxurious item of clothing that wont break the bank this would make a terrific gift for anyone –including yourself. Smart, sophisticated and absolutely CLASSIC. Peter Scott has a wide range for both Men and Women. Crafted to the highest quality their garments will last a lifetime. Visit WWW.PETERSCOTT.CO.UK and place your order NOW.
RRP: £89.99 – £189.99


This UK product and company is revolutionary! A foldable YOGA mat that can fit anywhere, no longer do you have to lug around a rolled up matt but instead have it at hand in a small easy ‘block’. Easily transported, folding smaller than a shoebox and coming with its own tote bag this is a MUST for anyone doing a floor workout. This miraculous mat has transformed my gym bag and my life. It is already on the Christmas lists of several friends and colleagues. Not only does “YogaBum” make this foldable mat but they also offer some wonderful Yoga towels that are of such high quality and come in 17 fantastic, vibrant colours. Never has doing yoga looked so good. Order yours now at: WWW.YOGABUM.EU
RRP: £24.99 for a towel and £29.99 for the foldable matt.


Made and crafted here in Britain these shirts are of the highest quality and style. Never has a ‘off the wrack’ shirt fitted so well or looked so good. EVER. The cotton is extremely soft and the detail and work is beautiful, with contrasting –yet complimenting- elements on the collar and cuffs on their shirts. Traditional British craftsmanship is used throughout each shirt and it shows. The full range -available to view and order online- is spectacular and will make any man or woman look like a suave, classy gentleman or lady indeed. Sophisticated and chic this company is a one-stop shop for your entire shirt needs. From day to day, evening dress to even your wedding party. Go visit the website and make your own order now and make yourself be seen in Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing. Their shirts will last forever and never go out of style and with low starting prices this company is a MUST. Visit their full range and place your order NOW at WWW.WISCONLINE.CO.UK
RRP: £69.00 – £115.00


This is BULLDOG Skincare for men and it is possibly the most aromatic and alluring skin lines available today. As soon as my products arrived the aromatic, beautiful smell radiating from the box hit me; I knew I would be hooked. The vast ranges of products on offer are incredible and there is something for everyone no matter what type of skin you have, offering products for sensitive to anti aging. “BullDog Grooming” seem to have mastered the gap in the market for solely Men’s Grooming Products and their stuff is a winner!
Treat yourself or a man in your life with these extraordinary products and with free delivery there is no excuse not to go an order your box of sweet smelling, face loving magic from Bulldog Grooming NOW at WWW.MEETTHEBULLDOG.COM
RRP: £3.99 -£10.49 per item.