Young Talent Abounds in the Old Dart

This article was originally published in PRODIJEE MAGAZINE #12 

After being a UK expat in Los Angeles for a couple of years now I really have found a deeper appreciation for my talented and wonderful homeland.

Returning there as often as I can to witness excellent English theatre, film and art -that is made available to everyone- I realize that the UK truly has some incredible talent, one of which being Charlotte Walsh of Versity Clothing.

Recently while in the UK I came across this extraordinary story about a young woman, Charlotte Walsh. She is the president and CEO of ‘Versity Clothing’ and at 24 years of age I found this to be a striking achievement.
I had the chance to sit down and talk with Miss Walsh in the Heart of Britain -where her company is based.

Miss Walsh, a slender, youthful and arresting young woman sits in a VC casual jogging pants with Loose Bamboo cotton tee, it is casual and smart. She is relaxed in her own brand, wearing it proudly.
“Established in 2010” she explains, “I founded the company on a set of principles using the finest fabrics and cottons while being ethically produced. She explained to me that she “wanted it to be ethically made through ‘fair wear’ standards so there’s no forced labour or child labour involved at the production stage.”
She also made clear that “getting a better quality of cotton like bamboo and organic have superior qualities such as naturally antibacterial and are comparatively softer in feel.”
Now this is something very few (if not any) top brands or company’s do. Miss Walsh explained that ‘fair ware’ was important to her as “there isn’t enough choice on the high street and I want to offer a humanly produced alternative to cheaply made clothing.”

She explained that there had been difficulties dealing with foreign traders and that patience is a unequivocal tool that one needs to build a business “Rome wasn’t built in a day” she jokes. Miss Walsh understands that with each passing year her company and business grows stronger and stronger.

Each unique design she solely plans out and details. She keeps her designs fresh and on trend by “trying to keep one step ahead with the latest fashion” and her “travels around the world help, I’ve found that a little detail from something can trigger a new design”. She also favors rummaging in a thrift store for some vintage wear “the design on my latest jogging pants were influenced from vintage gym kits I found in a charity shop”. The joggers are incredibly trendy with a retro design; they certainly wouldn’t look out of place on the catwalk.

All her designs are hand screen printed locally. Miss Walsh makes sure she is giving back and creating fair job opportunities for as many people as she can.

This brand ‘Versity’ is fresh, fun, ethically produced and manufactured and looks good on everyone!
All the clothing is available for purchase online at and ships worldwide.


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