48 hours in Hersonissos

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Rik Barnett in Hersonissos
Rik Barnett in Hersonissos

In the next installment of my travel series, I was lucky enough to visit the seaside port of Hersonissos.

Situated on the north edge of the island of Crete, at the bottom of Greece near where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean sea.

Day One:

Eat a good breakfast practically ANYWHERE; fresh fruit, delicious veggies and impeccable service is readily available all over Hersonissos.

As for the activities on offer, there is an abundance, -weather dependant- head down to the “unofficial” clothing optional beach that resides just past the Creta Maris Hotel and before the St George’s Bay. It’s an idyllic spot, the sand is smooth and the water warm. Just be sure to apply that sun cream!

For lunch take in some mezze and a cold local beer, I especially liked the Blue Bay Café, hanging above and over the beach with panoramic views.

Hersonisis Nude Beach

After lunch enjoy a walk down the main strip and shop, you can buy everything from ornate handmade items like penis bottle openers to the latest fashions and fur’s.

If you’re inclined to take a nap, I suggest you do so… the party doesn’t really get started till eleven o’clock at night. So, take in dinner around 9:30/10pm.

I found the Balcony Bar Restaurant to have tasty, fresh food. Then indulge in some cocktails and dancing at the Palm Beach Club where you can party and dance all night long.

Day Two:

You can take in one of the many boat trips available from the small port of Hersonissos, they have everything from archaeological sites, hikes, and even scuba-diving.

I took a boat trip around the coast, stopping by a natural sea cave for a swim. Then going on to the small, quaint fishing village of Sisi… it was there that I got to indulge in the best meal of all.

The masses of fresh vegetables, stuffed vine leaves, beetroot, meatballs…. I’m salivating even now at the memory of it all.

The trip back to Hersonissos port is a relaxing one, basking in the sun as the boat took the leisurely journey back along the idyllic Crete coastline.

When back -if you’re up for some adrenaline, head to one of the numerous beaches for some water sports… banana boats, water skiing or even jet skis. But perhaps if you want something calmer, just hire a pedalo. The going rate was €20 an hour for a four-man pedalo.

As the sun starts to fade, indulge in Escape 13… an escape room venue with a difference. An eerie -CORRECTION- terrifying difference.

They have several escape rooms to pick from… I did “Room 13”. Now, I have never done an escape room before, and as I discovered… it isn’t just ONE room.

I went from an elevator to a hotel floor, to a room that looked and felt like I had just stepped onto the set of the Evil Dead! An hour’s entertainment of truly epic and scary proportions for £15 per person.

After your adrenaline has eased off, head for some dinner. Mythos Restaurant was delicious, authentic Greek food with attentive service and a real family run feel, I highly recommend it.

There are many beach lined bars, so take in some Shisha under the stars, on the calm sandy beach as the waves crash in front of you.

The one gay bar in Hersonissos is YOLO… it is a small, cute venue. The staff is incredibly helpful and the patrons very diverse. Hersonissos has a wide range of nationalities visiting consistently, so it’s a great mix of people and cultures.

As for it being a gay destination; the nude beach is very gay-friendly, YOLO bar is always busy and Greece itself is very accepting and OK with homosexuality.

I found no issue or upset on my trip. The nightlife is great and the vast array of daytime activities is immense, the food utterly delicious and the weather, heavenly.

If you get the chance to go and visit Hersonissos… GRAB IT!

**Round trip flights from the U.K. run on average around £100. Accommodation is about £35 a night for a clean and simple double bedroom in the centre of town.**