Mad Dash Day… 24 Hours In Chicago

This article was originally published on EIKONLINE.COM 

Got a day in Chicago… Here’s how to spend it!

7:30am Walk around the financial district, some magnificent architecture and by 8:00am weave your way over and have breakfast at “Yolk” it’s a true American dinner chain but boy do they make good eggs!

9:00am head to the Lake Front and amble along the water’s edge.

Depending on the time of year it is either a fresh breeze hitting you or heat, heat, heat -but you will hopefully have majestic sunshine in either circumstance.

By 10:00am you will have made your way to the Navy Pier. Pop inside and walk around the botanic garden and explore the shops.

11:00am walk around Millennium Park and explore the spectacular sculptures and impressive walk way. Then have a quick look in The Art Institute across the street.

1:00pm visit the Art Gallery Showcase -ever changing art from local talent- be sure to pop next door to pick up some hot theatre tickets too to one of Chicago’s numerous theatres -all featuring some talented worthwhile work.

1:30pm walk to Ohio Street and Michigan Avenue for lunch at EATALY. Trust me, this place is incredible. Some of the best Italian food ever, you can wait for table service or just sit at a counter, either way you will not be disappointed!

2:30pm before leaving the area pop in for a drink at -the cash only- Second Story City gay dive bar. A unique and sobering experience in daylight hours but one that’s truly welcoming (head back in the evening too -if you can).

3:00pm walk to Hancock Tower (the tallest building in Chicago) and have a coffee (or beer) in the restaurant while taking in the panoramic views of the city!

3:40pm go to “Downtown Bar” at 440 State Street and try their seasonal beer, it’s always tasty. A really fun gay bar, interesting art and great crowd.

4:10pm Get to the field museum and take in as much as you can.

This is a fantastic Natural History Museum with a beautiful layout and something for everyone.

6:40pm Get dinner, Chicago has some of the best food in all of America… I recommend some superior deep dish Pizza at My Pie Pizzeria located at 2010 N Damen Ave.

7:30pm get yourself to whatever theatre you’ve booked tickets for… Or if you would rather party on down head back to 440 State street to Downtown Bar and Restaurant where things will surely be heating up!

11:00pm Sleep… for me at least.