We All Love a Wedding!

This article was originally published on PRODIJEE.COM 

It would appear that soon enough you can attend a wedding anytime you please here in London… Albeit the wedding reception of Will and Kate – no, not the royal couple.

This new immersive comedy is the brain child of Interactive Theatre International who brought us the incredible Faulty Towers Dinning Experience… so ladies and gentlemen you are cordially invited to The Wedding Reception.

Currently on in Covent Garden, the show will go to Edinburgh and then return to the big smoke. Guests enter the hotel lobby and are directed to a bar area, the crowed are all dressed nicely but look deeply unsure as to who is perhaps an actor and who is merely a guest… Soon enough all becomes apparent as the mother of the bride Lyn shows up (big hat and all). Hilarity then ensures as the ice swan turns out to be nothing more than a platter of water, the grandmother makes an appearance…. In an urn, and then there is the belching, crass best man -this is to name but a few of the colourful characters that we are treated to.

We all go to a formal dining room that’s fully decked out and actually looks like a wedding reception. Photographs of the happy couple are over the tables and the wedding cake is centre stage, looking absolutely delicious!

We have a three course dinner, duck and olive pate, a chicken main and finishing of everything with cake. Lots and lots of cake!

There is much interaction with the ‘family’ as we dine, Lyn (pictured with her great pink hat) tells us about her and her husband’s business… A B&B in Yorkshire “that operates an open door policy”… not for the faint of heart as they expect “your door to be open too!”

The show has four actors all playing multiple roles, Danielle Briers effortlessly goes from a hysterically dim-witted waitress to the “thrilled” bride, then to the singing mother of the groom and back again. Brava!

This show is a sure fire success of hilarity and fun. So ladies don your fascinators and gents your bow ties…. It’s time to celebrate The Wedding Reception!

For more info visit: http://interactivetheatre.com.au/theweddingreception